Unleashing value and turning it into profit


Kloppenborg and his team have a great understanding of the bigger picture, are execution focused. dig deep and think out of the box. They offer value for money. “  Allie van der Hem (partner customer)

" An outstanding performance, delivered in time and with the expected result, On the job we learned how our organization could improve so a Great Performance will be part of our DNA on the longer term " Dinand Lemond (partner project manager Marketing & Sales Dpt) 

b2bAlive offers a range of services and products to help our customers define, manage and execute successful multi-channel marketing and sales campaigns, at all levels of the organisation.


  • Business Design workshops

During our business design sessions, we work with your internal teams to co-create the vision that makes the competition irrelevant, to explore and develop ideas on how to create new demand and to align your operational teams to activities focused on differentiation and low costs.

  • Go-to-Market workshops

Go-to-Market sessions are held to get an understanding of where the organisation stands currently with regard to the required activities, resources and systems that are required to roll out a successful multi-channel marketing and sales campaign. Based on a 10-step approach, the workshop facilitates the delivery of all elements, including the business case, go-to-market roadmap and recommendations 

  • Train-the-trainer program
  • Microsoft Office 365 Activation workshop
  • Coaching program
  • Training development
  • Program and project management, upon request


b2bAlive offers a Software-as-a-Service toolset (plug & pay, pay per use) to support and strengthen the end-delivery to customers, including

  • Web driven E-learning tool for training of sales teams
  • Call center  in- & outbound telesales software
  • E-mail marketing integration tools for multi channel marketing & sales campaigns
  •  KPI monitor to drive successful Software-as-a-Service sales campaigns

In order to share best practices a fifth tool is being constructed: a best practices sharing platform which will be provided online via a Microsoft sharepoint solution.