Unleashing value and turning it into profit

Systematic, rigorous approach

Almost all hosting companies offer a full range of services to their customers. Many deliver what the customer asks for but go no further. Some forget to offer the other valuable products and services, which the customers are also unaware of, so customers only take up one or two. So every customer receives the one service they asked for, while few make use of a second or third or more services. This is the hidden value in your customer base. b2bAlive can help you uncover and materialise this into new revenues and profit. As customers take up more services the relationship becomes more valuable. Customers that use 3 or more services are more loyal and less likely to leave. 

 b2bAlive helps ISPs and Telcos to identify and execute cross- and up-sell opportunities of software-as-a service, such as hosted messaging and collaboration and Microsoft Office 365, in order to tap the huge potential there is within b2bAlive customer client-bases.

We provide a systematic, rigorous approach to make competition irrelevant and create new uncontested market space. From the top-down, we focus on building and implementing organisational capabilities to market Software-as-a-Service. 

Strategic mobilisation

Turning strategy into reality is an ongoing process. At b2bAlive, we strive to equip organisations with the knowledge and capacity to deliver in a changing marketplace. Our experience is that a substantial number of software introductions have failed. This is because of a lack of holistic approach required to see the change through. Without the ability to adapt continuously organisations cannot thrive. Our mission is to build and implement organisation capabilities to market software-as-service solutions.

This is why, from the outset, our approach is to engage cross-stakeholder teams - executives, sales, marketing, process management, technology - in this change process. We build in a strong focus on co-creation during our in-house workshops. We also seek and secure commitment at every stage in the process.

b2bAlive's role can switch from initiator, facilitator and coach and, in some cases, execution as the organisation requires.   

Best practices and learnings

Where others tend to deliver a product (a workshop) it’s our believe that ‘running workshops’ is a good start but not enough to secure successful end-to-end delivery.  It is also about knowledge-transfer and sharing best practices and learnings during the whole execution journey, so that our syndicated partners walk away with the insight and toolset needed to move forward with confidence.

At b2bAlive, we are continually learning and sharing. We feel comfortable that our drive to deliver a solution, our appetite for learning (we sometimes don’t know, but are eager to know) and our drive to seek out best practice, enables us to be at the forefront of change for our customers.