Unleashing value and turning it into profit

End-to-end delivery

The b2bAlive delivery model consists of 4 distinctive phases: Diagnose, Operationalize, Execute & Monitor, Review. Our role is to initiate, facilitate, coach and/or execute depending on the needs of the delivery team. b2bAlive will steward the whole implementation as long as the team feels the need. b2bAlive can only win if the delivery team wins.


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B2BALive Toolkit ©

Over the last seven years, b2bAlive has developed extensive experience working with organisations across multiple countries in Africa, Western and Eastern Europe.  This experience, combined with our collaboration with Microsoft, has helped us develop multiple e-modules to strengthen delivery to our customers, covering:

  • E-learning facility
  • Callcenter tele-sales application
  • Email marketing engine
  • KPI monitor

In order to share best practices a fifth tool is being constructed: a best practices sharing platform which will be provided online via a Microsoft sharepoint solution.